26 Aug

The best investment you can make is buying a sex doll. You are not only buying a source of pleasure for yourself, but you're also gaining a new friend, some company, some love, and some attention. A sex doll can be your partner who never complains, will never gain fat, and will always be by your side. Since many other sex doll enthusiasts and we have met the same challenges, we have compiled this guide to help beginners to be able to utilize how to use a sexdoll to their maximum potential and have a good time doing so. So let's get started. 

Unpacking Your Sex Doll

Cheap sex dolls are usually well-protected during shipping. However, you must double-check your product after delivery. Use cutters or scissors to carefully open your package. In this case, it should be sufficient to simply cut off the package and the adhesive tape that is offered on the box without any hesitation.

Take Out Your SexDoll 

You must wash your hands after opening the box since you don't want to get your perfect doll's skin dirty, so grooming will never be an issue. When you open the box, you'll find a blanket covering your sex doll and foam covering her entire body.The second package will be wrapped in foam on the doll's thighs once you take it out. 

Out Of The Box

To get it out, you must be delicate. There is a lot of articulation in the skeleton. Hugging and standing up a realistic-style sex doll the height of a real girl is appropriate. If that option is available, the three pins should be able to stand on their own. 

Doll With Ability To Stand

realistic sex doll is recommended to be the same height as a real girl. A very well-articulated skeleton allows the doll to adopt realistic postures. Check that your doll comes with the ability to stand up if it has that property. After hugging her, stand her up. It is possible for her to look very human if you use your imagination. The skin should only be stretched for a short period for durability. Despite TPE's excellent elasticity, excessive stretching over time can lead to deformation.  

Your doll's head needs to be installed

 You're ready to dress her up and play as soon as you've installed your doll's head and attached her wig. 

Sex doll head

Play with your sex doll and have fun!

 Remove production waste, wash the doll immediately before use. Johnson's baby oil should be applied. Talc or corn starch can be applied after baby oil has been completely absorbed. When having sex, a condom is not necessary. While it may feel similar to human skin, your doll's skin may not be greasy, no matter how realistic it is. Due to friction, it can cause irritation in the penis.  

The Best Way To Use A Sex Doll

If you want to use your doll for sexual purposes, do not put weight on her hands. The doll is not designed to be used in this sexual position, and the weight could cause damage to the doll's hands. If you want to support your weight, you can place pillows under your torso in the doggy position. Additionally, a soft surface should be used for the knees.



You have to store the sex doll carefully so that it does not get damaged in any way. You should use material that is not harmful to your sex doll. Soft blankets and foam mattresses are among the most popular and recommended materials. It is recommended to leave space for the buttocks on the foam mattress to avoid flattening of the breasts or buttocks. 

Sex Doll Cleaning

Dirt and dust can be removed with antibacterial washing detergent. Keep fingernails and rough materials away from the body of the sex doll and clean gently. The sex doll can be bathed when its head is not submerged in the tub. Water may leak from the junction between the head and body. After the doll is washed, dry it and apply some powder to it. 

The Summary 

You can always count on a sex doll as your best friend, confidante, and undeniable fun partner. It is important to remember that even though she looks like a human girl, she can be more delicate and sometimes needs special attention. To ensure it spends as much time with you as possible, you must know how to use curvy sex dolls and treat them appropriately. We hope this guide for beginners will help you learn how to use a sex doll. Sex doll cost affordable today, For better prices and great quality, always purchase sex dolls from the renowned sex doll store JS Dolls.

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